MasterTech Automotive Official Celtic Tuning authorised dealer in Kent
Official Celtic Tuning Authorised Dealer
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Remap and ECO Tuning Center Ashford

Specialist Tools. Bespoke Written Software. Performance / ECO Re-Maps. DPF / EGR Software Deletes.

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The Performance Re-Map Specialists

MasterTech Automotive are please to announce we are now official dealers of the Celtic Tuning network. We have teamed up with Celtic Tuning to offer bespoke specialist remaps - both ECO and Performance and can cater for different stages of tune depending on any modifications you may have carried out. We are specialist in BMW, Mercedes, German and Prestige cars but cater for all makes.

Regardless of whether we are carrying out your Porsche 911 Remap, BMW Remap, Renault DCI Remap, Maserati Quattreporte, Ford Focus or Diesel Fleet Remap you can rest assured you will be receiving a bespoke remap of the highest quality. Whatever vehicle you have please do not hesitate in contacting to discuss the matter.

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What we do?

Generally, Diesels and Turbo-charged petrols reap greater rewards with this service, however we will also eco-tune your van fleet for greater economy. We can also carry out a software delete for EGR’s, DPF’s, Speed-limiters and Rev limiter adjustment.

Celtic Tuning are one of the very few UK tuning companies to develop and write their own bespoke software and in-house tuning files perfected on a DASTEK 4WD and 2WD dyno. There work is market leading and innovative within it’s sector.

Based in our workshop in Ashford, Kent we are able to offer the very same specialist remapping service in Ashford, Kent. Upon arrival we will carry out an electronic health check diagnostic of the vehicle, after discussing your requirements we will begin work on removing and backing up your original map and replacing it with your new improved remap.

Can all vehicles be remapped?

Most vehicles can be remapped through the on board diagostic interface fitted to your vehicle, in some cases we will be required to remove your ECU to bench flash the on board EEPROM.

I've heard my vehicle has protection software?

Yes, many vehicles manufactured after 2009 now have ANTI-TUNE protection on them, however this is not a problem. We have invested in bench equipment to bypass this feature and most TRI-CORE locked chips can now be re-mapped.

Why do it?

Nearly all vehicles from factory are "safe" mapped to account for poor servicing, differing fuel qualities world wide and maintenance schedules. Modern vehicles are also heavily defined by strangling euro regulations with regards to emissions control, by adjusting the parameters of the vehicles brain we are to exact extra power accross the rev range, smoother operation and most importantly greater fuel economy. In addition to this power delivery is often smoothed and any inherent flats spots mapped in at factory can be removed. With the cost of fuel constantly rising it makes sense to increase your fuel economy whilst increasing the power of your beloved machine.

We are also able to software delete EGR and DPF's in most models, in some models we are also able to increase your rev limiter/speed limiter and/or introduce launch control.

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