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Official Celtic Tuning Authorised Dealer
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Coverage & Pricing

Currently MasterTech Automotive Ashford have invested in the latest equipment to carry out engine remapping to the majority of vehicles on the market. Most vehicles can be remapped through the on board diagnostic port, but for those which can not - we are able to remove your ECU and bench flash your MAP. This is a great benefit for many Japanese vehicles such as the Civic Type R which previously could not be remapped.

We are also able to remap ANTI-TUNE and locked tri-core ECU's which previously could not be done. We now have major coverage for these systems and nearly all post-2009 locked ECU's can now be done.

Our investment means we can do more remap's than many other companies out there and can discuss your specific requirements.

Our coverage list will soon appear on here as we integrate Celtic-Tuning's web list and dyno charts onto our website, for the mean time please check for coverage then contact ourselves even if your vehicle is not listed.

Vehicle Coverage: (list is not exhaustive, just examples)

- Porsche 911'S (996 & 997), Boxters, Caymen, Panamera
- Audi R8 V10 & V8
- Renault DCI & VVT Petrols
- BMW M3/M5, BMW Diesels E.G 335D & Most Petrols
- Maserati Quattroporte
- Sprinter, Transits & most fleet vans
- Most diesels, Turbo Charged Petrols
- Mazda Renesis engined RX8's
- And many many more


We are in the process of integrating our pricing structure on to our website, however we do always recommend contacting ourselves by email, web or telephone to discuss your requirements as we often have special offers running. You can also drop in at our workshop in Ashford, Kent to discuss your remapping needs.

Generally most remaps can be carried out on your vehicle from £199 for smaller naturally aspirated models and between £299-£399 for larger engines with greater gains, turbo-petrol and turbo-diesels. Prices not only vary depending on the increase which can be achieved from your vehicle, but also if a flash is required through the OBD port or if the ECU requires removal and re-mapped on the bench (also the complexity of ECU removal) therefore we recommend contacting ourselves for the latest pricing, we also regularly have discount offers running and package deals for more than one remap.

We can also offer package deals for fleet and link remaps with EGR deletes and other services in our range.