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Performance and Economy Engine Remaps

MasterTech Autmotive offers engine remap's for either Performance or Economy. Our custom remap files are specifically tuned to your vehicle's requirements. The performance tune is the least compromising, designed to attain the most amount of reliable power from your remap whilst offering modest economy gains. The economy tune offers a compromise with greater economical gains and modest performance gains. All tuning files have been tested on Celtic Tuning's Dastek dyno; if you have special requirements in your map or previous modifications we are happy to discuss.

Whether it be a Porsche 911 remap (996 or 997), Renault Megane DCI Remap, BMW 335D Remap, BMW M3, Maserati Quattroporte Remap, R8, A3, VW Golf or your every day Ford - we can cater for you. Even Eco tuning your fleet of diesels & vans are covered.

Remap Technical

Why Remapping?

MasterTech Automotive had previously been approached by a couple of tuners, but after speaking to them we got a bad impression of the tuning market. However, we had a customer come in who sparked a debate about the benefits of remapping and we had very differing views. We saw a great demand in retuning and decided to speak various tuning networks to see if we could route out the bad apples.

When negotiations started with Celtic Tuning we were blown away with their experience, care, after-care and support within this sector; so much so that we officially joined the Celtic-Tuning dealer network back with the Celtic-Tuning guarantee and 14 day money back guarantee.

What Are the Gains?

Average official figures state that turbo-charged diesels achieve between 20-30% increase in peak power and torque figures, with similar gains in turbo-charged petrol engines and around 10% gain in naturally aspirated petrol engines. Do not be sold by the highest "peak" figure, our remaps also offer a flat torque curve (power across the band), greater drive-ability and smooth throttle operation.

Economy gains can be expected in the region of 15% in turbo-charged diesels. Average fuel bill savings can be huge, especially if you run a fleet of vehicles.

What happens when remapping?

The remap session can take up to two hours. During this time an electronic health check will be carried out prior to remapping your ECU. Depending on whether we need to remove your ECU or carry out the procedure through your on board diagnostic board, times to complete the process will vary greatly. In both instances we will remove and back-up your old file and modify the files characteristics and re-flash your ECU.

The remapped file will include alterations to fueling, fuel pressure, injector duration, boost pressure, VNT control among other tweaks. After completion we will complete a full road test to ensure your vehicle is performing correctly.

Is it safe?

Certainly, all engine remaps are carried out within safe limits and tolerances. Remapping will create a more efficient engine and result in less gear changes and less work on the engine.

Pushing a vehicle too far in it's remap will certainly create undue stress, however since all our engine remaps are developed in strict temperature controlled environments on bespoke market leading software by tuning experts, we can guarantee the only affects you will have are positive ones.

Will it affect my warranty?

If your vehicle is still under warranty then the manufacturer will need to prove any consequential damage caused is as a result of your remap. For example if you have a wheel bearing fail under the warranty then this will still be covered, in fact remapping is very warranty safe.

Most manufacturers will also be unaware any modification has been carried out to your ECU.